Thyme is a vascular plant that has been cultivated for centuries for some its healthful and culinary uses.


The use of herb has been recorded since 3000BC once the Sumerians utilized it as a medicinal constituent while the Egyptians used it in the condition modus operandi.

The remark ~thyme" comes from a Greek idiom worth ~to fumigate". It was used in Greek temples as incense and some the Greeks and the Romans use it for its curative properties. Among the Greeks, thyme denoted elegant elegance, to tang of herbaceous plant(TM) was meant as acclaim to those with respectable finesse.

During the Middle Ages, thyme was well thought out a emblem of spirit and women made scarves beside embroidered sprigs of herbaceous plant on them to be well-worn by their knights who marched into affray.


Thyme can be recovered increasing on dry banks and heaths, Greece hillsides and all through the Mediterranean, Europe and the British Isles. The industrial plant has many 6 to 10 inches soaring birken stems mud-beplastered in magnificent down and flattish plump leaves that germinate in pairs. Its flowers are dark-blue purple, two-lipped and flower in clusters from May to September.

The oil of this microscopic garden tracheophyte is a clear, whitish chromatic fluid beside a sweet, fresh smell similar that of greenery.

Health Notes

The importantly clean properties of herbaceous plant put together it a undivided constituent in antibacterial mouthwash, germicidal lotions, mercenary disinfectants and toothpastes. Due to its remedial virtues, thyme was nearly new by the British ground forces to nutriment wounded soldiers during World War Two.

Thyme is keen for relieving metabolic process problems, colds, flu, symptom and boil throat. It may as well be nearly new to readable congestions caused by passageway and alleviates respiratory illness.

Recent investigation has found herb to have a rest the rich front muscles to aid chemical process.

Thyme is pacific to the nerves, which is rejuvenating to mind, making it just what the doctor ordered for treating downturn or apathy.

Although herb is a predilection of bees, it is as well a honourable beasty and lepidopteran rebarbative. Caution Use herb oils in grade and to fail to deal with during gestation because it is a female internal reproductive organ stimulant.

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